Preform Stool

The Preform Stool pairs together two types of recycled product to create a piece of furniture that is unique and full of character.

Available in two sizes, the preform stool features a comfortable, sculpted recycled timber top and reclaimed beer keg “preforms” for legs.

Reminiscent of a milking stool, the Preform Stool is simple and elegent with a rustic charm and honest features.

  • Designed and made in Melbourne
  • Adult: D28cm x W34cm x H39cm (seat surface 28cm x 24cm)
  • Child: D25cm x W30cm x H27cm (seat surface 28cm x 24cm)
  • Recycled timber top, reclaimed plastic “Preform” legs
  • Individually numbered
  • Danish oil finish to top

Adult size $750 – Child size $700