Twig&Bot is the robot machined furniture project of CNC Creations in Melbourne, Australia.  From our factory in Springvale, we design and produce furniture pieces like no other.


Working primarily in solid timber, we are dedicated to using reclaimed, recycled and salvaged local materials.  Aside from the minimal glues and finished used in our products, many of our products contain no new commercial materials.  Instead we utilise beautiful reclaimed materials such as old redgum fence posts, and a variety of urban salvaged trees that would otherwise be destined for the chipper or firewood.  Other recycled and waste materials will also feature in our furniture from time to time, such as the plastic beer keg preforms used for the legs on our Preform Stool (a waste product generated by that industry during machine startup/tuning that is difficult to recycle).  


At the core of our production facility is Hymie, our (usually) friendly robot wood carver which was designed and built in house.  Even much of Hymie is recycled, including the robot arm (Hymies body) which spent its early years in an automotive factory in Germany assembling cars, and the robot track (Hymies legs) which came out of a toilet manufacturing plant in Sydney.

Hymie allows us to push the limits of what is possible with carved solid wood furniture, and produce designs that would not be possible or practical using traditional woodworking techniques.  We are constantly exploring new designs and production techniques that can allow us to convert more waste materials into beautiful and original designer furniture.


Each of our furniture pieces is labelled with a unique serial number, and information on the materials used.  Below is an example from one of our Quadlobe stools, showing the model, serial number, year of manufacture, type of timber used, and the location (postcode) where the timber was sourced.  In this case the tree came from less than 200m from our factory.